The Community Guide program is designed to give community members a voice in the development of local public policy. For this project, we are working with the Home2Health team to learn about the challenges community members face in accessing affordable healthcare and housing and the changes they would like to see in relation to those issues. Guides representing organizations and individuals host small group conversations that give community members an opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts related to housing and health. Guides collect data based on those conversations, and this data is provided to city officials for their use in the development of policies and strategies aimed at mitigating inequities relating to healthcare and housing. The next phase of engagement will build on this work providing opportunities for community feedback on the proposals.

Engagement Schedule:
Oct. 6 & 8: Community Guides Training
Oct. 8 – Nov. 15: Community Guide Conversations: Identifying Challenges and Potential Solutions
Oct. 15-Nov. 30: Data analysis and report writing
Nov 2020 – January 2021: Policy development
January 15 – March 1: Community Guide Conversations: Evaluating Policies and Proposals
April 2021: Community Summit including representatives from Community Conversations

Training Sessions:
We will offer two training sessions. Session 1 will introduce Guides to the engagement strategy and prepare them to host their meetings. Session 2 will focus on facilitation skills and convening. New Guides are required to attend both sessions. Each session will be offered at two times, and Guides may choose which time to attend. Though we prefer for Guides to attend synchronously, both sessions will be recorded for those who can’t attend.
Session 1: Tuesday, Oct. 6: 10:00 – 11:30am OR 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Session 2: Thursday, Oct. 8: 10:00 – 11:30am OR 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Community Conversations:
Guides will host one-on-one or small group conversations using a provided facilitators’ guide. They will first introduce participants to the challenges to affordable health and housing identified by community members, providing a brief summary of their meaning and offering relevant data or stories. Guides will then ask participants to respond to those challenges, assessing whether they match their own experiences and prioritizing them in relation to one another. Next, they will begin to discuss what changes would be needed to address those challenges and how those changes might be implemented. During or after their discussions, participants will use a survey to provide their individual feedback and complete a demographic questionnaire.

The following schedule will be used to determine payment to individuals:
Completion of Community Guide Training: $25 per session (up to $50 total)
One-on-one conversations with community members: $25 per conversation
Small group conversations with 2-4 participants: $50
Small group conversations with 5-10 participants: $75
Total possible compensation for individuals: $250

If you are interested in joining us for Phase Three, please fill out an application here: https://col.st/A98MC