About the Center for Public Deliberation

Since 2006, the CPD has dedicated its efforts to enhancing local democracy.

Our Facilitators

Center for Public Deliberation note taker and facilitator actively listen to participants as they engage in a deliberative conversation.

We rely on our trained facilitators to help groups to stay on track, listen to the input of others, and work through tensions. Each year, we welcome a new group of 10-15 students to our crew of trained facilitators. Every CPD student receives a semester of hands-on training to help them understand the deliberative process and learn how to make interventions. Once students complete their first semester, they begin practicum hours where they facilitate local projects.

The CPD is an interdisciplinary organization and recruits exemplary students from across disciplines, including biomedical science, business, psychology, history, and more. From day one, this allows students to learn alongside a set of diverse perspectives.

Interested in becoming a trained facilitator? Learn more.