Student Associate Program

Students develop a skill that can be applied to nearly any industry: the ability to get people to connect and problem solve.

Opportunity to Lead

The CPD is seeking students that are committed to improving how our community addresses tough problems and interested in public policy issues, especially from a local perspective. Students must be comfortable speaking in front of groups and working with diverse audiences. Students need to be self-starters and able to work independently because the assignments they complete for the CPD will require the students to work outside of class and manage the completion of their practicum hours. Since the CPD serves as an impartial resource, students must also feel comfortable serving a neutral role and not let their own opinions and views dominate discussions.

Every semester, the CPD selects around 15 new students to become trained facilitators. We accept students from all CSU majors. Students are enrolled in a 3-credit course, Applied Deliberative Techniques, to learn all of the skills needed to manage effective and meaningful conversations.