Articles and papers to learn more about Deliberation and Dialogue


Deliberation Theory

Director Martin Carcasson’s and former Associate Director Leah Sprain short paper discussing the key aspects of deliberative democracy.

A short paper targeted to municipalities that covers the basics of wicked problems, the limits of adversarial/expert and the importance of deliberative engagement efforts.

Carcasson’s paper published in the National Civic Review that summarizes his research on brain science and social psychology. The article points out the problematic manner in which most public processes tend to bring out the worst in human nature, and the potential of high quality, deliberative engagement processes to bring out the best in us.

Carcasson’s paper that focuses on the goals of deliberation published by Public Agenda and the Center for Advances in Public Engagement. It includes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order goals of deliberation.

Article in Communication Theory outlining the theory behind the CPD, written by CPD Director Martin Carcasson and former associate director Leah Sprain.

A white paper from CPD master's graduate, Sam Maldonado, that provides guidance on how to apply tenants of inclusion to each stage of the deliberative process.

A white paper from CPD master's graduate, Kale McMonagle, on methods for engaging disempowered groups in public forums.

An article in National Civic Review where CPD Director Martin Carcasson lays out his argument to move away from being "informed and engaged" as the ideal role of citizens to being "wise collaborators."

An article in National Civic Review where CPD Director Martin Carcasson discusses how public engagement efforts must work to manage the inherent tensions between key criteria for quality public engagement, such as  (1) significant overall participation, (2) well-informed participants, (3) representative participants, (4) deliberative processes that allow for sufficient interaction and learning among participants,  and (5) efficiency in terms of use of resources, especially time.

Dialogue and Listening

An article for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue that explains important components of Dialogic Listening

An article for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue written by former Dialogue and Diversity Specialist Elizabeth Parks. This article discusses dialogue and listening and provides information on what it means to be a good listener.

An article by Dr. Elizabeth Parks which surveys fifty years of organizational communication research to better understand empathic listening.

Civic Engagement in Higher Education

A short article in the Journal of Public Deliberation making the case for local centers and institutes like the CPD and their role in local communities.

A short article making the case for deliberation to be an overarching concept for higher education

An article from the book Beyond Politics as Usual: Paths for Engaging College Students in Politics, on the story of the development of the CPD, and the argument for the need for deliberative mindsets and a local focus to reengage students. If you would like to order the full book click here. The chapters from several scholars that run programs to engage students in innovative ways