Student Associate Program

Develop a skill that can be applied to nearly any industry: the ability to get people to connect and problem solve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the CPD?

A: The Center for Public Deliberation (CPD) is an organization that helps to improve the way we have conversations as a Northern Colorado community. The center trains students as deliberative facilitators. Then students get hands-on experience facilitating real-world events with the City of Fort Collins, Larimer County, Poudre School District, local non-profits, and more. As a part of a research university, the CPD also studies how we can better engage our communities.

Q: Which majors can apply?

A: We consider students from all majors! Senior Associates have studied
communications, political science, business, microbiology, health & exercise science, just to name a few.

Q: Do I have to be interested in politics?

A: Nope! Part of we do is recognize the ways that “politics as usual” isn’t always the best approach. If you’re passionate about change and what to see a different way of making change happen, the CPD is the right fit. We want students who are interested in serving their community and love to have meaningful conversations full of diverse perspectives. Many of our students go into careers outside of politics, including human resources, property management, family services, marketing, and more. Alumni of the program tell us that they use what they learn in the program in many different work environments.

Q: Do I get class credit by participating in the CPD?

A: Yes! During the first semester, students take SPCM 408: Applied Deliberative Techniques,
and during the following semester(s), students take SPCM 486: Practicum for 1 to 3
credit hours. Talk with your academic advisor to see if these classes work in your school

Q: What is the time commitment to be part of the CPD?

A: During the first semester, Senior Associates are required to take SPCM 408, attend a day-long
workshop, and attend 1 to 3 forums. On average, Senior Associates spend about 4 hours
per week in their first semester. After the first semester, Senior Associates can enroll in 1
to 3 credit hours. Each hour requires 45 hours of work throughout the semester. This averages to about 3 hours a week for 1 credit students.

Q: What is the GPA requirement?

A: When reviewing applications, GPA is one factor we use to determine our decisions, but we look for so much more! We want students who can effectively manage their time, act professionally, and are passionate about the work we do.

Q: I want to apply for the CPD, but I am studying abroad next semester. What should I do?

A: Please apply! If you are accepted, we can defer your enrollment to the following fall or spring

Q: What if I am graduating after the first semester of being in the CPD? Should I still apply?

A: Yes! We will consider one-semester applicants depending on the strength of their applications
and available space.

Q: How many students are accepted into the CPD every semester?

A: Between 15 and 20 students will be accepted each semester.