Event banner for At Our Fingertips event. Text reads: the sheer amount of data available to cities has skyrocketed. The questions is, how can we make it useful.

With technological advances, the sheer amount of data available to cities has skyrocketed. That data can come in many forms, including reports, transactions, digital sensors, services, and citizens themselves. How can we – both residents and the Fort Collins City government– best work together to maximize the benefits of data while minimizing the risks? What should the City collect, how should it be shared, and how can it best be analyzed and used to solve problems, share stories, and improve quality of life? What’s the role of residents?

This forum will be an initial exploration into some of the big questions that arise when we consider how to best manage data in our city. We will also dig into some specific examples of how data can help us address community issues. Don’t worry if big data, the internet of things, or machine learning sound like another language. The City of Fort Collins and the Center for Public Deliberation (CPD) want to hear from people who know a lot or a little about data. Student facilitators from the CPD will be on hand to walk participants through the conversation and gather insights as they arise to help the city consider their next steps toward making Fort Collins a national leader in doing data right.

We know you are busy, but your voice is important. That’s why we will feed you dinner. We will also have interactive kids’ activities available for kids older than 12 months. ASL interpretation is available.