Lego Build Out

In fall of 2017, community members gathered to play out the following scenario: with 12 square miles of vacant land left in Fort Collins, find a way to fit 70,000 new residents into town.

Full Report

This report explores findings from the Fall 2017 Community Issues Forum. As a precursor to the launch of City Plan, the forum engaged participants in one the predominant issues facing Fort Collins: growth. The Center for Public Deliberation collaborated with city planners to design a Lego game that would simulate what adding housing for 70,000 new residents would look like.

Participants played the game in small groups of 6-7 with a facilitator and a note taker. In total, there were 12 tables playing at once. Facilitators provided a map to each group that showed Fort Collins split into nine major regions and displayed areas of developed and vacant land. Read the full report to find out what happened.

Interactive Lego Map

Using data from the event, we created an interactive map using Tableau Public. By playing with the map, you can see how each table approached the challenge differently. They may have started off with a different housing split or placed their housing through Fort Collins in a different way. The map will also show you averages of all the tables combined.