About Us

The CPD serves as an impartial resource to the northern Colorado community. It is based on the belief that democracy requires high quality communication, but unfortunately such communication is rare. Working with students trained in small group facilitation, the CPD assists local government, schools boards, and community organizations by researching issues and developing useful background material, and then designs, facilitates, and reports on innovative public events. 

For an extended video of CPD Director Martin Carcasson explaining the work of the CPD and the need to change the way we talk about tough issues in our democracy, see the video linked to the right.


To promote the development of a vibrant deliberative democracy in Northern Colorado.

Our Three Broad Goals


1. Enhance the Local Civic Culture

Increase local participation in community problem solving

Decrease the sense of polarization, cynicism, and frustration with politics

Help develop a civic habit of relying on deliberation to address local concerns


2. Expand Collaborative Decision-Making

Promote interconnections between local government and citizens

Expand and improve the role of the public in decision-making processes

Help incorporate deliberative techniques in local institutions


3. Improve Civic Pedagogy

Study and improve methods of developing citizenship skills at all levels (K-12, higher education, citizen education)

Incorporate deliberative pedagogy at all levels