To complete this training module, please watch the video below from Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Dr. Meara Faw. In this video, she explains how to offer support to individuals going through a crisis as well as strategies to help people cope.

You can access a script of the video here.

Below, Dr. Faw has provided some questions that will ask you to reflect on the skills and concepts discussed in the Social Support training video. These questions will ask you to think about how social support may apply to your life and the conversations you will have with community members. There are no right answers to these questions. We want you to consider what makes you feel supported and how you might best provide social support to your conversation partners.

1.Social support is an important way that we show other people that we care about them. Thinking about your own experiences, what are the things that other people do that help you feel supported? What types of support do you generally seek out from others?

2.Imagine you are talking on the phone with someone when they mention that they recently lost their job. What are some things you could say to provide them with support? Remember to acknowledge, legitimize, elaborate, and provide perspective to create a strong supportive message.

3.What are some things you should avoid saying in the conversation? Remember to avoid minimization, condemnation, blaming or judgment, and rushing to a solution.