Are you looking for other engagement opportunities in addition to the work you’ve done with our Community Guide Program?

Home2Health is collaborating with the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery for their Making History Project:

Fort Collins, like so many other places around the world, is reacting and adapting to the widespread COVID-19 health crisis. We at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery are seeking to document the impact in our community through your stories, observations, images, sound files, and moving images. We will be taking digital submissions throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, and over time, we plan to collect objects, artwork, interviews, journals, and other items to help tell the story of this time.Click here if you would like to create a submission.


The City of Fort Collins has also created an engagement portal where you can submit ideas and locate other opportunities to connect with your community.


To visit the Home2Health main page and track the progress of our collective work, please click here.