To complete this training module, please watch the video below from City of Fort Collins Program Assistant in Community Development and Neighborhood Services, Yaz Haldeman. In this video, Yaz provides some tips and best practices for holding your conversations, as well as lessons learned from her own conversations as a Community Guide.

In her video, Yaz highlights the need to be sensitive to your conversation partners and recognize and adapt to their needs, comfort, or vulnerabilities. We’ll have later training videos that ask you to explore these issues in detail, but for now, we want you to think about your own community and identify some of the primary issues you should consider before you begin your conversations. You’ll then be asked to think about how you might adapt your conversations to meet those specific needs.

1. Who in your community are you considering connecting with? What particular needs do members of that community have? Are there any issues related to housing, health, or the pandemic that they might be particularly sensitive about? Are there any questions on the Interview Guide that may be particularly sensitive for your community?

2. How might you adapt your conversations to be more considerate of the vulnerabilities that your community members may be facing? Are there ways that you can conduct your interviews or gather your data to better meet the needs of your participants? Can you think of ways you might rephrase the questions to make them easier for your participants to address?

3. What experiences do you have that might mirror the experiences of your participants? How might you share those experiences in a way that makes your participants feel comfortable sharing their own stories?

After you have watched the video and worked through these questions, you may proceed to Part Two of the training modules, which begins with “Hosting Inclusive Conversations”.